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Frozen roasted sweet potato with whipped creme fraiche and granola on a plate.
5 Ways to Use Your Freezer Beyond Preservation
Eight jars of peanut butter and one air-tight container full of peanut butter
We Tested 9 Methods to Prevent Peanut Butter From Separating—Here’s What Worked
A yellow plate with five cicadas on it and a knife and fork
You Can and Should Eat Cicadas—Here's How
Skewered asparagus
How to Skewer Your Asparagus for Better Grilling
Immersion blender next to three bowls of coffee beans and spices
Please Stop Grinding Coffee Beans in Your Immersion Blender
Collage of deboning chicken
I Tried That Viral Chicken-Deboning "Hack" and Can Confirm It's Absurd
collage of Thai soups on a green background
A Guide to Thai Noodle Soups
Sauteeing garlic, anchovy fillets, capers and fennel, and tomato sauce on a wooden spoon pieced together in a five-part collage.
How to Make Jarred Tomato Sauce Better…And If You Even Should
Overhead view of carved chicken
How to Carve a Roast Chicken (Whole and Spatchcocked)
Side view of a glass of pomegranate juice
How to Turn Any Pomegranate Into a Plastic-Free "Bottle" of Pomegranate Juice
Side view of pomegranate on a cutting board
How to Cut a Pomegranate (With Much Less Mess)
Overhead view of cauliflower cut in half
How to Cut Cauliflower
Side view of peaches on a cutting board
How to Cut a Peach
Overhead view of coconut pieces on a black plate
How to Open a Coconut
Overhead view of deboning
How to Debone a Chicken Thigh
Side view of cooked corn
How to Boil Corn: Our Tests Reveal It's Not What Anyone Tells You
A piece of medium-rare steak sliced into thin pieces on a wooden cutting board.
How to Most Effectively Tenderize Steak
Side view of dicing carrots
How to Cut Carrots
Basket of fruit and vegetables
You Hauled the Whole Farmers Market—Now What?
Overhead view of cherries in a basket
How to Store Cherries So They Stay Fresh Longer
How to Store Green Beans
Multiple pitchers and glasses filled with infused water
How to Make Cucumber Water and Other Fruit Infused Waters
Overhead view of various tests of cakes
How to Elevate Boxed Cake Mix
Overhead view of a cut avocado
How to Ripen and Store Avocados
person cracking eggs into bowl
How to Crack Eggs Like a Badass
Overhead view of a batch of brownies
How to Make Boxed Brownies Even Better
How to Make Ice Cream for a Wedding, Graduation, or Other Large Event
For Smoother Ice Cream and Sorbet, Use Corn Syrup
How To Brown Butter
How to Back-Slice Chives
How to Cut an Airline Chicken Breast
How to Batch Cocktails for a Crowd
Side angle view of Tahdig arrange on a mound of rice on a blue platter
How to Make Tahdig (Persian Crunchy Rice)
Getting Perfect Grill Marks | Grilling
The levain used for sourdough bread rises in a glass jar, about triple its starting volume.
How to Ferment Sourdough Properly
A collage of coffee blooms at various stages
Bloom Phase: How to Read the Bubbles In Your Coffee
Three jars of fermenting hot sauces with airlocks in the top.
How to Make Fermented Hot Sauce
Dry-charred asparagus, served on an earthenware plate with a ramekin of miso bearnaise.
Dry-Charring Is the Best and Fastest Way to Cook a Side of Asparagus
Blowtorching vegetables in a wok
Torch Hei Is the Best Way to Get Wok Hei at Home
Dry-Brining Is the Best Way to Brine Meat, Poultry, and More
For Better Grilled Vegetables, Use Your Chimney Starter
A container of bacon fat, labeled with a date.
How to Dispose of Cooking Oil and Fat Without Making a Big Mess
Homebrewing: How to Dry Hop Your Beer
Overhead view of a wok station
How to Set Up a Wok Cooking Station
Overhead view of chickpeas
The Quick Trick for Softening Canned Chickpeas for Silky-Smooth Hummus, Stews, and More
Overhead view of tamales on a table spread
How to Make Tamales (A Comprehensive Guide)
How to Wrap Your Sandwiches for Better Eating on the Go
A line up of sausages grilled with different methods.
Should You Spiralize Your Hot Dogs and Sausages? We Tested to Find Out
Ovehead view of steak test
The Science of Marinades
Lemon collage
How Fresh Lemon Juice Can Make Meal Prep Easier
A bowl of fluffy mashed potatoes sits on a table. It's topped with a pat of melting butter and a grinding of fresh black pepper.
The Best Potatoes for Mashed Potatoes
A bowl of ramen noodle soup; you can transform regular pasta into ramen noodles with baking soda.
Turn Your Pasta Into Ramen With Baking Soda
ice cream in glass bowls
Level Up Your Ice Cream by Leveling Your Cake
How to Set Up Your Grill for Better Skewers, Kebabs, and Yakitori
How to Grill Whole Fish
Save Your Vegetable Scraps, Make Stock
Overhead of spaghetti in a skillet with sauce mixed in.
The Right Way to Sauce Pasta
How to Butcher a Chicken