Whether you're planning a vacation or just exploring your own hometown, consult our guides to dining out for the best restaurants, bakeries, street vendors, and more.
Dim sum in San Francisco
A Chefs' Guide to Eating Out in San Francisco
Tusk, Portland
A Chefs' Guide to Eating Out in Portland, Oregon
Food at Bearcat in New Orleans: a fried egg on fried crab in a bowl.
A Chefs' Guide to Eating Out in New Orleans
Cincinatti street scene
Where to Eat and Drink in Cincinnati
Vinal Bakery Boston
A Chefs' Guide to Eating Out in Boston
Beef at Cote
A Chefs' Guide to Eating Out in New York City
Chinese food in Chicago
A Chefs' Guide to Eating Out in Chicago
Clam chowder at Eventide Fenway
The Best New England Clam Chowder in Boston
Ethiopian in DC
The Best Ethiopian Restaurants in Washington, DC
Adda restaurant in Queens, NY
Where to Eat and Drink in Queens: A Local's Guide
New Orleans po-boy
Where to Eat and Drink in New Orleans: A Local's Guide
san francisco burrito
The Best Burritos in San Francisco
A slice of New York pizza (from Sac's Place) on a paper plate.
The Best Pizza Slices in New York City
How to Make a Pickleback (and the Truth Behind its Origins)
Lobster roll
Where to Eat and Drink in Boston: A Local's Guide
The Best Gumbo in New Orleans
Dear Restaurants: Please Stop Playing Live Music
Chicago Deep Dish Pizza
The Best Deep-Dish Pizza in Chicago
How Thanksgiving Killed My Restaurant Career
How Spam Won Over America's Restaurants
20171130-Table-Food-2-Top-Taste-Kingston-NY- Gus-Aronson
Finding Jamaica in Upstate New York
The Best Tortas in San Francisco and the Bay Area
Lobster rolls in a basket next to some French fries.
The Best Lobster Rolls in Boston
Meet New York's Next Generation of Amazing Eclairs
The 10-Minute Window for the Perfect McDonald’s Mash-Up
Knights, Horses, and...Hummus? An Evening at Medieval Times
A Benihana chef making an onion volcano on the grill.
Easy, Peasy, Japanese-y: Benihana and the Question of Cultural Appropriation
A History of the Drive-Thru, From California to Coronavirus
A nine image collage of Olive Garden desserts
We Try All the Desserts at the Olive Garden
The McDonald's cheeseburger, double cheeseburger, and McDouble: individually wrapped and stacked and cross-section view of each unwrapped
McDonald's Cheeseburger vs. McDouble vs. Double Cheeseburger
Burger King's New Breakfast Menu
A slice of Popeye's Mardi Gras cheesecake.
We Try Popeye's Mardi Gras Cheesecake
What Is Fast Food?
Reality Check: The Egg White Delight McMuffin From McDonald's
Chain Reaction: Domino's Stuffed Cheesy Bread
Blast from the Past: The McDLT
Where to Get 99-Cent Slices (aka Dollar Pizza) in NYC
A bowl of shoyu ramen from Ramen Shack on a tabletop.
Saying Goodbye to the Most Exciting Ramen Restaurant in the Country
A four image collage of Jack in the Box Munchie meals
We Try All of the Late-Night-Only Munchie Meals at Jack in the Box
The Best French Bakeries in NYC
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PizzArte (Midtown, Manhattan)
What to Expect at a Neapolitan Pizzeria
Soda: We Try All 127 Flavors from the Coke Freestyle Machine
A collage of 25 slices of Cheesecake Factory cheesecakes.
We Try Every Cheesecake at the Cheesecake Factory
A plate of Asian dumplings in Shanghai.
Essential Shanghai Street Food: 14 Must-Eat Dishes
Chengdu Taste is the Best Sichuan Restaurant in America. Here's What to Order.
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A collage of pizzas from Atlanta.
The 10 Best Pizzerias in Atlanta
Loaves of bread on a baker's table in the kitchen at Tartine Bakery. In the background, someone is using a long handled peel to move loaves of bread in a commercial oven.
An Insider's Guide to Tartine Bakery in San Francisco
Chicago's Harold's is the Best Fried Chicken on Earth
Start Me Up at The NoMad, NYC
10 Manhattan Restaurants With Great Cocktails