From citrus and apples to persimmons and marionberries, our fruit guides take a deep dive into produce big and small, offering some tips along the way.

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Whole and cut up oranges against a white marble countertop.
How to Store Oranges Properly, According to a USDA Scientist
Three magazine covers depicting avocados done in a pulp sci-fi fashion
Avocado: The Origin Story
A bunch of peaches
The Foolproof Way to Ripen Peaches Every Time
Overhead view of a cut avocado
How to Ripen and Store Avocados
Overhead view of washing strawberries
How to Clean Strawberries So They Last Longer
Knife-cut and peeler-shredded green papaya on a cutting board
How to Shred Green Papaya for Som Tam Thai
Illustration of a hand holding a bitten-into peach
A Peach by Any Other Name Is Just as Gross: My Terrible Fear of Fruit
Get to Know Soursop (a.k.a. Guanábana or Graviola)
Closeup of a cluster of marionberries ripening on the vine.
Marionberries: What They Are, How They’re Grown, and Why They’re So Prized
Save These Fruit Scraps to Make Fresh Syrups for Cocktails and More
An overhead view of colorful citrus wheels of different sizes an shades of orange, yellow, green, red, and pink.
Know Your Citrus: A Field Guide to Oranges, Lemons, Limes, and Beyond
Red loganberries on a weathered tree stump
15 Lesser-Known Berries You Should Try
The Best Way to Prevent Cut Apples From Browning
Closeup of plum sorbet being scooped from a container.
The Science of the Best Sorbet
A pawpaw fruit cut in half and resting on a cutting board
Pawpaws: America's Best Secret Fruit
How to Macerate Fruit
An array of apples in various types and colors
A Guide to the Best Apples for Apple Pie
Jam Making 101: The Secrets to Getting Jam to Set Like a Pro
Opal apple close up
Have You Ever Tried an Opal Apple?
How to Make a Fresh-Fruit Swirl for Ice Cream
A variety of persimmons, some cut and some whole, arranged in a grid on a stone surface
All About Persimmons and Persimmon Varieties
How to Cut Citrus Fruit Into Wedges, Slices, and Suprèmes | Knife Skills
four different styles of citrus juicers on a white surface
We Juiced Hundreds of Lemons and Limes to Find the Best Manual Citrus Juicers
How to Bake a Pie With Frozen Fruit
How to Cut a Pineapple Like a Badass | Knife Skills Video
Quick-Ripen Bananas for Baking Using the Power of Enzymes
Vú Sữa: Vietnam's Milky Fruit
Cocktail 101: Selecting and Caring for Citrus
Mature Fruit
How Does Your Dragon Fruit Grow?
Spice Hunting: Chipotle
How to Make Yogurt Popsicles With Your Fruit of Choice
Hundreds of persimmons suspended on round drying racks, drying in the sun
Grocery Ninja: Dried Persimmons Are a Taste of Honeyed Sunshine
A bowl of tong sui
Snapshots from Asia: Tropical Fruit Feast; Tong Sui, Sea Coconut, and Toddy Palm Fruit
Perfect Apple Pie
The Food Lab's Top 9 Tips For Perfect Apple Pie
Cocktail Science: 8 Tips and Tricks For Getting the Most Out of Citrus
A Guide to Tropical Fruit in South America
Cider Apple Guide: Sharps, Sweets, and Sharp-Sweets
Hey Chef, What Can I Do With Cranberries?
In Season: Meyer Lemons
Are Heirloom Tomatoes Always Worth The Price?
10 Frozen-Fruit Recipes for a Taste of Summer Right Now
Grapes of the Amazon: Like the Mangosteen, But Way Better
Baking Guides: How to Select, Freeze, and Bake with Strawberries
Scott's Pizza Chronicles: San Marzano Fact vs Fiction
Can You Name These Fruit?
Preserved: What's the Deal With Fruit Butters?
How to Turn Your Favorite Fruit Into a Creamy, Refreshing Yogurt Pop
Overhead view of fruit tart
How to Make a Fresh Fruit Tart
Side view of banana pudding
The Essential Upgrade for the Best Banana Pudding
A slice of banoffee pie.
5-Ingredient British Banoffee Pie
Side view of roaster breadfruit
Jamaican Roasted Breadfruit
Overhead view of peach crisp served with ice cream
Peach Crisp
Mixed Berry Pie (Made with Frozen Berries) Recipe
Trifle on a white counter
Mixed Berry Trifle
A wide, shallow cream-colored ceramic bowl with brown speckles of glaze on it, holding chunky tamarind chutney and a metal spoon. The bowl is placed on a copper tray and in the top left corner of the image is another similar bowl holding a different sauce.
Spiced Tamarind Chutney Recipe
Ultimate Strawberry Popsicles Recipe