Tools and Gadgets

From digital scales (yes, you should own one) to thermometers and measuring cups, here are our favorite gadgets to fill up those kitchen drawers.
a bread loaf cut in half to display the crumb
The Tools You Need to Make, Maintain, and Bake Sourdough
A colander spoon holding drained rigatoni of a Dutch oven full of boiling water
This Hybrid Colander-Spoon Is My Non-Negotiable Tool for Pasta Nights
Six portion scoops on a marble countertop
I Love Portion Scoops So Much, I Have 6 of Them
three pasta drying racks on a kitchen countertop
We Tested 14 Pasta Drying Racks—These Five Are the Best for Spaghetti, Fettuccine, and Sheets of Dough
A sous vide machine on a blue surface
The Breville Joule Turbo Is the Most Powerful Sous Vide We’ve Ever Tried
A group of electric can openers on a kitchen countertop
We Opened 70 Cans to Find the Best Electric Can Openers
Several infrared thermometers on a grey countertop
We Took Hundreds of Readings to Find the Best Infrared Thermometers
true cubes ice maker with seriously good badge on a gridded background
This Clear Ice Maker Gives My Cocktail Game a Glow-Up
One white, one red, and one pick thermometer on a blue surface
How to Calibrate an Instant-Read Thermometer
Tatung Rice Cooker
My Mother Used This Rice Cooker Every Day— and It's Still My Favorite
a variety of nut milk makers lined up on a wooden countertop
We Tested 7 Nut Milk Makers and Found Two for All of Your Non-Dairy Needs
a food mill with boiled potatoes in a steamer basket on a white tile surface
To Find the 3 Best Food Mills, We Went Through 30 Pounds of Potatoes and Tomatoes
Weighing water on a digital kitchen scale.
The OXO Scale Has Been Our Top Pick for More Than 5 Years (It's Truly the Best)
Three mini food processor on a marble kitchen countertop.
I Tested 11 Mini Food Processors to Find the Best Ones for Sauces and Other Small Tasks
A sheet of fresh pasta being rolled out.
The Best KitchenAid Attachments (for Burgers, Pasta, and Shaved Iced)
The Goldie Sourhouse on a wooden kitchen countertop
This Pretty Sourdough Starter “Sourhouse” Looks Like Decor, But Performs Admirably
several kitchen thermometers on a marble countertop
A Handy Guide to the Very Best Thermometers, Based On Our Tests
Our Favorite Cutting Boards Actually Get More Beautiful With Time—and You Can Snag Discounted Holiday Bundles Today
Our Favorite Cutting Boards Actually Get More Beautiful With Time—and You Can Snag Discounted Holiday Bundles Today
tortilla presses on a blue background
We Made Dozens of Fresh Tortillas to Find The Best Tortilla Presses
oxo triple stove timer with three times displayed on a countertop next to the stovetop
You Will Use This $27 Kitchen Timer Way More Than You Think
A stainless steel utensil crock filled with various utensils.
I Tested 11 Utensil Crocks to Find the Best Ones for Stashing Spoons and Spatulas of All Sorts
Sauce spoons on a pale pink marble countertop
Baste, Serve, Spread, Sauce, Scoop—What Can’t A Sauce Spoon Do?
an array of grill presses on a marble surface
I Tested 11 Grill Presses and Found Five That Smashed the Competition
three shaved ice makers on a marble suface
We Tested 8 Shaved Ice Machines and Two Delivered the Most Pillowy, Plush Results
the breville polyscience smoker being used
Our Favorite Smoking Gun from Breville Will Amp Up Your Cocktail Game—And Now It's 20% Off
ThermoWorks Smoke Remote BBQ Alarm Thermometer
This Wireless Thermometer Tells You When Your Barbecue Is Done—and It's 30% off in Time for Labor Day Weekend
A hand rolling gnocchi on a gnocchi paddle.
11 Pasta Tools That’ll Help You Go Beyond Homemade Fettucine or Lasagne
two thermometers on a grill table taking the temperature of a piece of meat cooking on the grill
We Put 20 Wireless Grill Thermometers to the Test—These Five Were the Best
A person using a thermometer to take the temperature of chicken thighs roasting in the oven
The Very Best Meat Thermometers, According to Our Tests
using the oxo bench scraper to cut up pizza dough
The Best OXO Kitchen Equipment, According to Our Exhaustive Testing
Side view of a molcajete
Masienda's Molcajete Is the Best We've Found
a miniature whisks beats three eggs in a bowl
Our Favorite Space-Saving Kitchen Tools
various canning products on a kitchen countertop
Pressure Canning Gear 101: All of the Can-Do Gear You Need
A person turning the control knob of a deep fryer
Our Favorite Deep Fryer from All-Clad Made the Crispiest Chicken Wings—And Now It’s 24% Off
thermopop with bowl of ice behind it
Here Are 19 of Our Favorite Kitchen Gear Upgrades (And They're All Under $40)
The Golde Superwhisk making whipped cream
Behold the $24 Whisk We Deemed “The Best-Designed Handheld Frother”
an array of handheld and countertop vacuum sealers on gray countertop
Handheld vs. Countertop Vacuum Sealers
A Sodastream on a counter next to some plants and glasses
Our Favorite Seltzer Maker Is Nearly 50% Off for October Prime Day—and It’s Actually Stylish Looking
A variety of induction cooktops sitting on a marble countertop.
We Tested Portable Induction Cooktops to Find the 6 Best for Everyday Cooking
cooking scrambled eggs in a pan on an induction burner
How Do Induction Cooktops Work, Anyways?
the aeropress on a black countertop with a coffee grinder and kettle in the background.
As a Coffee Professional, I Can't Recommend the AeroPress Enough
mini mortar and pestles
We Tested 10 Mini Mortar and Pestles—Three Crushed the Competition
Instant Pot sous vide on a colorful, white and blue speckled backdrop.
Our Favorite Budget-Friendly Sous Vide Machine from Instant Pot is 20% Off
a person using an instant-read thermometer to take the temperature of a chicken roasting in the oven
The Best Instant-Read Thermometer is Lightning Fast and 25% Off with Our Exclusive Code
A Thermapen one taking the temperature of a sous vide water bath set to 134 degrees
The Best Gear from Our Equipment Reviews, According to Serious Eats Staffers
a collection of tofu presses on a green background
We Tested 10 Tofu Presses—Three Squeezed By the Competition
using the acacia lunar to weigh a shot of espresso
I've Worked In the Coffee Industry for 16 Years—Here's Why You Need a Coffee Scale
Ninja Creami Deluxe on countertop
We Reviewed the Ninja Creami to See if It Lived Up to the Hype
mandolines on a yellow backdrop
We Tested 8 Mandolines to Find Ones That Could Slice with Ease
Five personal blenders on a marble kitchen countertop.
We Blended and Blitzed with 19 Personal Blenders to Find the Best Ones for Smoothies
Pastry cream being strained through a fine mesh strainer into a stainless steel bowl
Kitchen Gear and Tools We Think You Should Have Two (Or More) Of
Nesco vacuum sealer on a marble countertop
One of Our Favorite Vacuum Sealers Is Currently on Sale for 35% Off
Pasta made by the Imperia Pasta Maker Machine
I Tested 12 Pasta Makers to Find the Best Ones for Rolling and Cutting Dough
a group of electric citrus juicers on a marble surface
I Tested 11 Citrus Juicers to Find the Best Ones for Tackling Citrus Big and Small
A person using an offset spatula to frost a cake on a cake stand
Why an Offset Spatula Is the Tool I Can’t Bake Without
a top-down shot of apple slices in a dehydrator before being dried
How a Food Dehydrator Can Help You Reduce Food Waste
eight different miniature whisks on a marble background
We Tested 8 Mini Whisks and Came Away with Three Favorites
Anova Precision Chamber Sealer with blue backdrop.
We Tested the Anova Precision Chamber Vacuum Sealer—is It Worth the Counter Space?